I'm transferring my blog to Github

I want to always have a copy of my blog so I am going to transfer my blog from Blogger to GitHub Pages.

I already heard about GitHub Pages a few months ago. During that time, I tried to follow a tutorial to create a GitHub page with Jekyll from scratch because I wanted to understand everything that is contained in my site. But my attempt failed and I was frustrated. So I decided to continue using Blogger.

But today I was thinking that I do not have to understand everything about Jekyll to start using it.

So I googled for a tutorial on how to create blog using GitHub and found this: Build A Blog With Jekyll And GitHub Pages.

I followed the tutorial and then ta-da!! Here I am now writing using GitHub Pages.

I will manually transfer my blog posts from my previous blog, jboyflaga2.blogspot.com, in the coming days… or maybe tonight. There are only 12 posts in there. I think it will not consume too much of my time.

And because I am going to manage everything on this site from now on, I will encounter lots of problems. I am going to create a new post to contain links to the articles/authors that helped me solve my problems. I will just put here a link to that post in the future when I start solving the problems.

Here are some of the problems I have to solve:

  1. Adding a search box
  2. Adding tags
  3. Adding comments section
Written on August 5, 2016